Sandi Hammons Announces Book Series and Prosperity Program for Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners


Sandi Hammons announced her plans to author a new series of books designed to support permanent cosmetic practitioners, entrepreneurs and women in business. Currently, she has two books in the works, "Journey to Greatness" and "Looking Great". "Journey to Greatness" delivers more than a chronology of Sandi's twenty years of experience teaching permanent cosmetics and her personal journey to success; it highlights research in human development and the common characteristics found in permanent cosmetics top achievers. "Looking Great" will be a practical guide filled with tips, shortcuts and techniques for permanent makeup technicians.


Sandi Hammons new book series will expand her sphere of influence beyond the world of permanent cosmetics and more fully explore her spiritual journey that brought her out of poverty and depression to eventual financial success and the pinnacle of her industry. Sandi Hammons will also be offering a series of seminars designed to teach participants practical business and money management skills as well as tips and techniques for creating success in business, relationships and life. Her educational offerings will also address belief patterns that lead to failure and replace them with a "prosperity program" that works.


"God is preparing you for a much greater role."



Excerpts from "Journey To Greatness"


God's dream for you is far greater than any you could ever dream. His dream for you is greater than your happiness, peace, or pleasure. It is greater than your goals, education, or professional success. It is greater than the money, investments, or possessions you acquire. His dream is greater than any friendship, sexual encounter or relationship you yearn for. It is far greater than any fantasy you could ever imagine. Sadly, most people never find out what that God's dream for them is. They don't even settle for their own lesser dream. Most live their entire lives without clarity, vision or purpose. They tolerate mediocrity, loneliness, unfulfilling relationships, depression and even poverty. Their dreams become so cloaked in the frustrations and routines of daily life; they lose the certainty that yields confidence and a system for successful living. Those who discover God's purpose in their lives are easy to recognize. They are the rare few whose light shines brightly; the top 2% of the population who know the language of success. They are the people who operate from programming that yields prosperity for themselves and others. They are the top achievers who are instrumental in bringing peace and positive change to the world.


Chapter One


What are your dreams? What brings you happiness, pleasure and peace? What is your greatest desire? Think for a moment about the ideas you once held sacred in your heart. Do you believe in them still? Or have they died with the disappointments, adversities and challenges of daily living?


Few people discover the journey to greatness.


An estimated 3% of the world’s population will achieve their career and financial goals. Less than 2% will realize prosperity in more than two major areas of life (personal, professional, relational, intellectual, and financial). Fewer still will discover their greater purpose.


Sadly, most people remain uncertain about what it is they were destined to do or the greater role they were created to play. Clarity and certainty are the pillars that produce confidence and confidence is the hallmark that produces the winner’s edge. And yet, rarely, do people take the time to search for the path to prosperity; much less discover the greater role they were assigned. For far too many, the vision for quality living is lost in the frustrations of daily routine; their dreams once treasured have perished – along with the opportunity to experience the joy of greatness.


My mission is three-fold: 1) to teach a system for successful living that is simple, clear, duplicable and proven 2) to inspire the resurrection of lost dreams and the rebirth of passion – the very passion that drives prosperity, enlightenment and power 3) to impress upon you the significance of God’s greater purpose in your life so that you, too, can receive the joy of the journey and the greater gifts it promises to deliver.


My passion to lead others to greatness was born out of an extension of my own personal journey. I began pioneering the permanent cosmetic industry over twenty years ago and my role as an industry leader led to various successful business ventures, including training and consulting men and women entrepreneurs. Early on in my teaching career, I noticed repeated patterns of self-sabotaging behaviors in my students that went beyond the lack of business and technical skills for which people were seeking my counsel. My work with these individuals, their relationships with money and business and their personal stories, as well as my own personal development, led to a profound awareness of belief patterns that sabotage success and disrupt Gods plan to bestow prosperity and purpose. Of equal significance, I observed the common characteristics of the most successful entrepreneurs. The top two percent of my students’ experienced varying degrees of extraordinary success! More importantly, they repeated their success – over and over again and most were thriving in other areas of their lives. I began to study these top achievers and I observed they were markedly different from others and the distinctions that separated them had nothing to do with luck, talent, business savvy or technical skills! Rather these individuals have learned the tools that enable them to manifest wealth within themselves and at the same time surrender to God’s greater significance. These enlightened humans tend to repeat success over and over again because they operate from programming that yields prosperity for themselves and for others. They appear to have learned the language of prosperity and they recognize the language in others. They embrace a journey of truth, discovery and empowerment and their lives evolve into greatness. They in turn, transform the world and make a more significant contribution they ever dreamed possible.


You too, can learn the tools that create lasting change and duplicable success. You have the same opportunity as those whom traveled the journey before you. You have the ability to embrace a program for successful living that works. You have the capacity to break free from the patterns of limiting beliefs and self defeating behaviors that have previously held you back. And most significantly, you were created with a greater purpose than you can even visualize realistic in this moment. It is true!


You were born with a divine capacity to manifest greatness within. At the same time, God will create a greater reality for you than any dream you think might be possible. While these promises may seem contradictory and extravagant, they are not; they are actually true, compatible, and realistic. Yet they are also very profound; I suggest you memorize and savor them before you begin your journey.


My world was falling apart. My best friend was dying of cancer. I was yet grieving the loss of family. One of my companies had recently suffered significant financial losses. Over one hundred news organizations were demanding answers to an FDA report manipulated by a competitor. The telephone was ringing nonstop, consumers were panicking, and I was facing a workload that seemed insurmountable. In addition, I was still recovering from a recent bout of pneumonia. Life could not have appeared grimmer in that moment.


My friend, Anna, was the voice of comfort on that day. She said, "God is preparing you for a much greater role."


Her words rang true, but I was in no mood to engage in a calm discussion of spiritual matters. I was in so much emotional pain; I wanted to escape through my work. And too, I had phone calls to make, reporters to deal with and God willing, a home to go to - if I ever finished the stack of paperwork in front of me. It was not until I was driving home much later that evening that I took the time to reflect on my life and Anna's remark.


My life has been and continues to be an extraordinary journey of vicissitudes. With every challenge and test placed before me, I have learned to hang on to the programming and native wisdom I was gifted with many years ago. I knew that no matter how difficult life becomes that it is a staging ground to prepare me for greater heights.





Journey To Greatness


Sandi Hammons message is simple: You were born with a divine capacity to manifest greatness within. At the same time, God will create a greater reality for you than any dream you think possible. While these promises may seem contradictory and extravagant, they are not; they are actually true, compatible, and realistic.