The Penalties and Purpose of the Pioneer

In every field of human achievement, the pioneers who prosper must perpetually live in the bright light of publicity. Whether creativity thrives within a man or a woman or within the pioneer’s products, services and inventions -- envy and emulation are forever at work. In music and art, in science and math, and in technology and commerce, the reward and the punishment are always the same. The compensation is praise, purpose and prosperity. The penalty is often fierce denial, defiance and sometimes even defamation.


Decades after Albert Einstein was recognized for his services to theoretical physics, disparaging words from spiteful voices continued to reverberate beyond the sphere of his pioneering science. When Picasso painted the Les Demoiselles, critics condemned it to be a mockery of avant-garde art, while the masses received it with appreciation and adoration. Skeptics questioned if Robert Fulton could ever build a steamboat, while the world flocked to the river banks to see his invention power upstream.


Before the pioneer makes their mark in history, the path to prosperity is obscure and the penalties and purpose of their contributions remain veiled. Fear and uncertainty are the pioneer’s initial adversaries and the universe awaits their significance without note or anticipation.


When a pioneer unveils a product stamped with significance, both the pioneer and the universe are gifted with undeniable value.


When the pioneer’s contributions are realized, the purpose of the pioneer becomes obvious and the path to prosperity is set. More significant contributions become a target for envy as well as adulation.


The distinction between the ordinary and extraordinary is considerable. If the pioneer’s creation is mediocre, they will be left alone. When the pioneer’s harvest is extraordinary, they become an artist for advancement, and their contribution evolves to a golden standard for industry and innovation. If their inventions are insignificant, they threaten no one - if they achieve a masterpiece, it will set a dozen jealous tongues wagging.


With any significant achievement there will be outcries from a few that denounce the validity and value of the contribution. Any outstanding performance is always met with some resistance. The degree of success frequently equals the level of detraction from the threatened minority. Jealousy does not rear its ugly head to the artist who produces an ordinary painting, but the artist who creates a masterpiece is often pursued with passion and an occasional and fervent attempt to foil.


Long after the conception of a superior product, some will continue to claim there must be something faulty in its creation.
The pioneer is assailed because they discovered the path to prosperity and because they are a leader who lives for a purpose. Efforts to defame and destroy are added proof of their value and their leadership. Failing to equal or to excel, the small and weak will seek to deprecate and to annihilate - confirming once again the superiority of that which the envious strive to supplant.


When the pioneer stands firmly in truth and in love of others and self, they remain powerfully purposeful and prosperous and their contributions will transcend the outcries from the weak, the evil and the lost. Master-technician, master-composer, master-scientist, and master-painter - each in their turn is assailed, and each hold their significance and success no matter what. That which is good or great becomes known and integrated in society, no matter how loud the clamor of denial and destruction.


There is nothing new in all of this; it is as old as the world and as real as human greed and the drive to destroy. The irony is that denial and defamation accomplish nothing. Outstanding achievements and superior products always withstand the test of time and the trials from the spiteful few.


Electricity, emulation and envy spread around the world when Thomas Edison produced a reliable, long-lasting source of light. Today, Edison’s light is still shining but his detractors are long since forgotten.


The truth always speaks.


That which deserves to thrive—thrives. And that which was created for purpose and prosperity lives on.