Sandi Hammons Lands Movie Deal

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Her intention was to research a television pilot for the purpose of marketing the industry she helped to pioneer, but Hollywood movie producers also discovered in Sandi Hammons, a “creative visionary” with a track record of success in business and a desire to serve a greater purpose. 321 Entertainment signed Sandi Hammons as an executive producer for their latest movie project, Patriot Hunter.


Patriot Hunter is an action thriller based on a true story about the search and recovery of a missing nuclear weapon.  Veteran actor and producer, Kenneth Dixon, is the point producer for the movie. Known for his skills in distribution, he is also the executive producer for the movie Cover and Dee Pak Chopra’s How to Know God and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  The director for Patriot Hunter is Stewart Raffill, a British born filmmaker who has worked with many Academy Award winners, including Michael Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Angelica Houston and others.


Hammons will also be working with veteran producers Karen Armstrong and Gus Blackmon.   Armstrong has worked with Hollywood A-listers such as Anthony Hopkins, Stephen King, James Brolin, Jon Voight, Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. Gus Blackmon is a 35-year veteran with Warner Brothers Studios and co-creator of the nationally syndicated television show (in its 11th year) the Judge Mathis Show. Blackmon helped to create the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, influencing writers for Darma and Greg, Eve, Desperate Housewives and other popular television programs.


Hammons will also serve as a consultant for marketing and merchandising for the project.