What Others Say About Sandi Hammons...




Sandi Hammons is a genuine person and a dynamic motivational speaker. She has a
personal message that inspires people to want to succeed. When I was 17, I took my
first seminar from her. Thirteen years later, I am still learning. Sandi is a great role model
and when you get to know her, you realize that she lives what she speaks.”

~Marcie Whitehill~






“Sandi Hammons is passionate about helping people succeed and she delivers!”
~Carol Parks~


“Sandi's persona and presence grabs your attention. Her energy fills the room. She speaks to my soul!”

~Julie Lemaux~


“Sandi is living proof of the American dream.”
~ Sherel Truhan~


“Sandi makes everything exciting and when she tells humorous stories, I die laughing!”
~Erika Seamayer~


“Sandi Hammons is a dynamic business woman and she is a true pioneer. She is very creative and she thinks outside the box! I attend Sandi's seminars every year because I can't wait to learn what she is doing next!”
~Naomi Ferrell~


“Sandi Hammons is authentic. She is the real deal!”
~Dyanna Yost~


“Sandi oozes information! She is eloquent, empowering and she speaks in a way I can understand!”
~Brenda David~


“Sandi is a great speaker because of her honesty, dedication, and pursuit of the arts.
Sandi connects to people spiritually.”

~Bruce Robb~


“Sandi has a broad understanding of people and business. When she speaks, her energy fills the room.”

~Vicki Hansen~


“Sandi gave me the courage and determination to go after my dreams!”
~Jennifer Grissom~


“Sandi makes you think that you can overcome anything and be better.”
~Lou Barrera~


“She can speak on a real level. She is beautiful inside and out – and smart too!”
~Suzanna Karagiannis~


“Sandi is an excellent resource for any business!”
~ John and Virginia Schulte~


“When you learn from Sandi Hammons you are learning from the best!”
~Polly Dogan~



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